A Guide to the 6 Best Shredder Brands Available in South Africa


There’s no shortage of reputable brands that offer exceptional paper shredder machines. However, with an immense range of shredders for different uses and budgets, it can become difficult to know which brands to consider and which reviews to trust.


To make finding the best shredder an easier task, we have compiled on the 6 best shredders brands available in South Africa.


Our preferred and recommended paper shredders, in no particular order, are Fellowes & Beswick, Ideal, JBF, Kobra, New United and Rexel Auto.

You can find a range of machines of each of the brands mentioned above in our online store. If your needs outweigh your budget, you will be happy to hear that we offer SME lending options. We do this to assist business that need to function optimally without an immediate cashflow available to buy a shredder. You can apply for SME financing online and are more than welcome to contact our sales team for assistance. If you’re not ready to buy a machine just yet, consider our paper shredder rentals.


A look into different shredder brands


Fellowes & Beswick


A well-known and go-to brand for a variety of business machines. These machines are designed with excellence and durability in mind. There are smaller shredders for home users or small businesses, and larger machines with more capacity and for those with larger budgets. Fellowes & Beswick boasts a pioneering and innovative line, known as the AutoMax shredders. These shredders are time-saving and allow you to switch on the shredder and leave it to go about without supervision. Be sure to read our detailed Fellowes & Beswick review for more insights and browse our range of Fellowes & Beswick paper shredders for sale.




Once again, this a brand that caters for everyone’s needs. If you’re looking for a machine that will get things done without any hassle – you should view our range of Ideal shredders for sale. Ideal shredder blades are made of Solingen Quality Steel that surely will not disappoint and be sure to keep cutting for many years to come.




JBF is the top recommended shredder brand for heavy-duty, industrial settings. They have superb safety features and shred much more than paper. Even wood and metal stand no chance with some of the JBF shredders for sale from DigiShred. Another advantage of opting for a JBF shredder, is that they are low-noise and low maintenance.




Kobra is one of the best-known shredder brands in South Africa and is popular globally. These machines are user-friendly and feature advanced technology. If you’re someone who appreciates innovative design and affordability, the Kobra shredders for sale from DigiShred may be just for you.


New United


New United shredders are perfect for people who need to ensure that the correct security level is adhered to when shredding information, but want to stay within a reasonable budget. DigiShred offers a number of competitively priced New United Shredders for sale.


Rexel Auto


Making things simple and fast is what Rexel Auto shredders for sale from DigiShred excel at. Who wouldn’t want a shredder that could save them 98% time? Especially when it is specifically designed for busy workers who have to adhere to POPI act regulations. These are among the most recommended shredders for office use. With a modern and compact look, these machines fit into compact work spaces and allow for increased bin capacity when stacks of personal information need to be disposed of.