Difference Between Cross-Cut and Strip-Cut Shredders

Difference Between Cross-Cut and Strip-Cut Shredders


If your office needs a shredder to free up time and space, you might be wondering which shredder features to consider, and which brands are reliable.

In our blog, we compare cross- and strip-cut shredders to help you make the best choice.

Cross-Cut vs Strip-Cut Shredders


Cutting Method


First, we’ll discuss the strip-cut. These machines typically have the highest sheet capacity of up to about 30 pages at a time. As far as the capacity of compact shredders goes, this is plenty, and they cut faster than the other types of shredders. Because of the simpler cutting mechanism, they also need less maintenance and less regular oiling. Strip-cut shredders used to be the cheapest option, but this is not necessarily the case anymore. This is due to the increased popularity and demand for cross-cut shredders. The biggest con for strip-cut types of shredders is the minimal security they provide, often one of the biggest pros of cross-cut shredders. There is a lot more variety for levels of security in all types of cutting methods.

The micro-cuts are the top-secret high security and the more personal security cross-cut “P4” which is also the more popular option. The smaller cut your shredder makes the more condensed the pieces will be and that means you will need fewer bin removals.

Cross-cut shredders usually have a smaller sheet capacity and because of their much more complex shredding mechanism, much more oiling and maintenance are required to ensure that your machine stays in mint condition. Therefore, unless your office or home needs the high speed and larger volumes, buy a cross-cut shredder and get better security. Remember that both strip-cut and cross-cut shredders have different security levels to choose from.


Machine Size


Another factor you need to consider is the actual size of the shredder. One of the benefits of shredders is that they should help your office to get rid of those stacks of files and documents to save office space. Plan where your shredder will be placed and keep the size in mind, there is a big size difference between a shredder that’s only supporting a few people or an entire office.


Blade Function


It is also important to note that some of the higher security level shredders cannot cut things like paper clips, staplers, or credit cards because of their finer blades. You can damage your shredder badly if you misuse it. Be sure to look at the type of material used to manufacture the blade and confirm with an expert what the shredder can in fact shred.


Find the Perfect Shredder


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