Best Digishred Shredder Comparisons

Best Digishred Shredder Comparisons in 2022


Most businesses deal with significant amounts of papers entering and leaving the organisation on a regular basis. These papers have confidential information that the company does not wish to be made available to the public.

Considering all of this, the best course of action for you would be to make an investment in a paper shredder machine of good quality. Le and rental. We are the lowest-priced provider of reliable shredding services and goods.

We provide different types of Digishred shredders at the most competitive prices in South Africa, and we thought you would be interested in a brief differentiation of the best shredders at Digishred.

Different Types of Digishred Shredders


Fellows and Beswick


A family-run enterprise, Fellowes Beswick operates with the goal of delighting its clientele. The paper shredders of Fellowes Beswick AutoMax range are designed to make your life easier. In total, Digishred stocks seven distinct Fellowes Beswick AutoMax models.


The 100 m Mini-cut shredder machine is one such device; it has a continuous shredding time of 15 minutes. This paper shredder has the ability to reduce an A4 sheet of paper into a thousand tiny pieces and comes with a guarantee of seven years.


Digishred also offers the AutoMax 150C Cross-cut as another option for a shredder by AutoMax. This paper shredder has a two-minute automatic shutoff and sleep mode, and it can shred paper into cross-cut pieces measuring 4 x 38mm.




If you need a powerful and efficient paper shredder for your office, look no further than the IDEAL models. For convenience and efficiency, they should be placed in a central location in large offices, open floor plans, or on each floor of the building, maybe near the copy machine. Having a paper shredder that is easy to use is a huge plus in an office setting where a wide variety of employees will be utilising the machine. The huge collection capacity of the IDEAL office document shredders also ensures that they can handle heavy volumes for extended periods of time.


The security level of the IDEAL 4002 is P-5, and it can shred between 13 and 15 sheets of 80 gsm paper in one go. Large paper formats are no match for this high-powered office shredder equipped with electronic capacity control and a 165-liter trash container. This single-phase motor is powerful and quiet, and it is designed for 24/7 use.




In 1973, JBF Maschinen GmbH was established in Germany to serve as a manufacturer of specialised machinery. Shredding technology development and production began in 1985, and the JBF 2835 is a perfect illustration of the company’s excellent standards for universal shredders.


CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives and boards, carbon tapes, paper, card boards, totally filled files, tin and plastic cans, PET bottles, wood, wooden boxes, pallets, domestic waste, and car/truck tyres are just some of the materials that can be shredded by this machine.




Kobra is a premium manufacturer that consistently turns out high-quality paper shredders. Each shredder they build has cutting-edge components that set them apart from the competition. Their strategy of making a product that helps the customer in multiple ways pays off wonderfully.


The Kobra 410 TSC2 is a quiet, contemporary paper shredder with a touch display that is ideal for use in large offices. Under normal shredding conditions, it is the ideal shredder for a workplace with 15 to 20 users.


New United


The New United shredder is currently among the most rated models in our inventory. The use of these devices aids corporations and individuals in the secure destruction of confidential records. Keeping trade secrets and other confidential information is a major worry for any company, making this a crucial consideration.


The New United M3150C is a high security shredder with a maximum capacity of 29 sheets at a Level 4 Security. This means it can shred an A4 sheet of paper into 400 individual pieces. Perfect for business secret documents as well as bank statements.


Rexel Auto


Most of Digishred’s clients like Rexel paper shredders since the company’s primary goal is to provide each customer with a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Almost all of our customers place a premium on this feature because these days, no company can afford to take any chances with confidential documents or personal information.


Even though we live in an age dominated by digital technology, Rexel is aware that many businesses continue to rely on information that is presented in the form of hard copies and that these need to be destroyed confidentially and securely.


When it comes to disposing of sensitive paper documents, the Rexel Auto+ 750X auto feed paper shredder is up to the task, even in large departments and offices. With its auto feed feature, it is possible to shred up to 750 sheets of 80gsm paper at once, and the auto feed chamber’s 4-digit PIN lock ensures that sensitive papers remain safe until they are shredded. Each sheet is shredded to a level of protection known as P-4.

We’re delighted to serve businesses and residents throughout South Africa and we offer scheduled shredding as well as one-time, on-site purge shredding services to help you clean out and start new. We also offer a wide range of shredders for sale and shredder rentals.