How do paper shredders contribute to the environment

How do paper shredders contribute to the environment?


Your business, and even household, may use considerable amounts of paper in its day-to-day running of affairs. Just dropping the paper in waste bins can be risky, as confidential information is unprotected and could unintentionally find its way into strange hands. There is no law that prohibits anyone from going through your trash.

Paper shredders not only greatly reduce the risk of your confidential information being compromised, but can also add tremendous benefits to the protection of the environment and help you become a more environmentally aware and responsible organisation.  By using Digishred as your paper shredder supplier you are not only reducing cost but also minimising damage caused to the environment.


Environmental Benefits of paper shredders


Save energy


It is estimated that a ton of recycled paper can save enough energy to power the average home for half a year. This translates to a saving of 4000 kilowatts of energy which means less expelled energy and can lead to fewer emissions of harmful greenhouse gas. The recycled paper takes up to 60% less energy to produce than making new paper. There is a substantive amount of chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon dioxide that are emitted during the normal manufacturing process when new paper is made. When a factory manufactures paper products from recycled and shredded paper, it reduces the chemical emissions by about 70% more than it would have, if the new paper was used to make these products.


Save our trees


As the paper is made from wood it stands to reason that the huge demand for paper in daily life puts a heavy burden on the planet’s trees. Many forests are destroyed each year to feed people’s need for paper. It takes about 17 average trees to produce one ton of paper.

Trees are not only an indispensable habitat for wildlife and our plant world but are also beneficial for the planet’s people as a valuable resource by providing oxygen, air quality, shade end even sources of traditional medicine and nutrients. Trees absorb smelly odours and gases like ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulphur dioxides.

All shredded paper is recycled and reused in the production of everyday products like toilet paper, tissue paper, kitchen and bath towels, egg holders, and shopping bags, which would have otherwise been made from trees.


Save our water


The manufacture of paper has the biggest industrial burden on the water when calculated on a water per weighed finished product basis. You need 324 liters of water to make one kilogram of paper. Paper can be recycled about seven times and in that way reduce water consumption significantly

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Environmental Benefits of paper shredders
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Save our soil


Erosion happens when the topsoil in an area is removed by water, wind, or human activity. Cutting down trees loosens the topsoil and so makes the soil more vulnerable to the effects of water and wind. Using shredded recycled paper decreases the need to cut down trees and forests and so preserves valuable topsoil for our flora.


Save waste space


Paper makes up a substantial portion of corporate and household waste – It is believed that a country like America uses 85million tons of paper a year. It accounts for 25% of landfill waste and more than 30% of municipal waste.

Landfills have become part of our environment and an essential means to manage our health and well-being. Responsible landfill practices are often seen as the underdogs when it comes to the best environmental ways for companies to manage their waste, in particular paper waste. Shredded recycled paper has become an increasingly effective method to discard paper waste, as it takes up significantly less space at landfills than cumbersome, bulky loads of paper.

One ton of recycled paper equates to a saving of 2.5 cubic meters of landfill space.


Make compost


Shredded paper is a popular and easy addition to any compost heap. ‘Brown’ shredded paper is an excellent source of fiber and broken down by-product for the compost heap. You can recycle your old documents and other paper waste into a rich organic source for your flowers and leafy greens. In addition to being a fantastic source of organically friendly fibers, the shredded paper helps to take away odours from the usual green components to your compost heap, like fruit and leftover vegetables.


Save the planet


It is expected that the world’s consumption of pulp and paper will have doubled by 2060 to what it was at the beginning of the century. Recycling methods have improved in leaps and bounds since it was introduced first. People are far more inclined to recycle their corporate and household products than ever before. Shredding makes recycling easier, more convenient, and takes up so much less space than bulks of paper. People are much more aware of the strains and stresses on our environment and their role in maintaining sustainable practices and being responsible citizens.

Corporations have joined the quest for responsible citizenship and by recycling documents, files, and other paper products, are striving to preserve and protect the environment for their workers, their communities, and the next generation.

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