Fellowes and Beswick paper shredder review


With laws in place that keep office owners responsible for fraud data breaches, most businesses have invested in a shredder or have it in the pipeline. Seeing that the industry is extremely competitive and with a plethora of brands and manufacturers designing shredders smarter and more capable than ever before, we saw it fit to provide you with an informative and honest review.


In this blog, we will give you an expert Fellowes Beswick paper shredder review.
paper shredder review

Our Fellowes Beswick Paper Shredder Review

Fellowes and Beswick is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of business machines and office products. They have a great range of paper shredders for large- and small-scale use. When looking at the features of their shredders one can see that they did not just have productive output in mind, but also the safety and comfortability of the user.

Another noteworthy characteristic of the Fellowes and Beswick shredders is how quiet they are. This makes it convenient to use without having to be concerned about distracting or disturbing others in the same office.

These machines perform exceptionally well. The brand knows their customers and have designed their machines accordingly. With strong steel blades and a powerful rotary motor, you can shred and dispose of CDs, cards, and even staples without concern. These blades are so trustworthy that Fellowes and Beswick have warranties of up to 20 years on some of their paper shredders.

There are some safety aspects that are important to keep in mind when it comes to machines designed to destroy. Once again, these paper shredders live up to and even exceed the expected standard. Their SafeSense technology eliminates the possibility of an injury while operating the machine. With a sensor that has an emergency stop feature when your hands get too close to the entry slot, their machines are a favorite among office and home users. This is especially helpful in homes where pets and children might be curious to see the machine in operation.

We have left what many consider to be the best, for last. Fellowes and Beswick shredders are 100% paper jam proof! Jammed paper shredders have caused many frustrations. It can take long to clear the paper jam and cause a block in the workflow when people have to wait to be able to shred confidential documents. Fellowes and Beswick have designed a 3-step prevention system. The shredders work by reading the thickness of the paper inserted, then adjusting the amount of power to enable the motor to perform optimally to the task at hand, and finally, it indicates the maximum amount of paper that should be inserted at once. Of course, when you do not listen to the instructions you could still jam your shredder, so be sure to get a shredder that will allow shredding at the capacity your office needs.

In conclusion, Fellowes and Beswick shredders deserve a lot of praise for the standard they set in the industry. With a wide range of models that all differ in ways to accommodate the different needs of clients they really proved that they have the need and interests of their clients at heart. At DigiShred, we offer a wide range of Fellowes and Beswick paper shredders for sale. You can also choose from our shredder rentals. Get in touch with one of our agents today for a quote on our competitive Fellowes shredder prices.