How often should paper shredders be serviced

How often should paper shredders be serviced?


Like with most machinery and equipment, paper shredders do best when they are regularly and correctly maintained. The maintenance period and methods may differ from model to model, but, as a rule, your purchase will include an instruction manual that will specify the advised maintenance procedure, as well as dos and don’ts when using the shredder.

Make sure to check the warranty to stay within time frames and other specifications and requirements that will ensure validity of the guarantee.

In general, shredders should be serviced every three to five years and cleaned much more frequently,

at least once a month or after an extensive shredding project. Other more regular tasks include lubricating the shredder as specified for the model. In recent years, oil-free shedders have become a popular buy as it cuts out the need for regular oiling.

In this article we will explore a few of the key components to consider in the maintenance of your paper shredder.


When should you service your paper shredder?


Clear the cutters


One of the easiest ways to maintain your shredder is to inspect the cutting heads on a regular basis to remove any debris. Paper particles can build up between the blades of most shredders over time, producing a variety of issues, including diminished functioning and motor overheating, which can limit the shredder’s lifespan. This is not a task you want to do by hand. Running the machine in reverse for 30 seconds or so is the simplest way to remove debris. This should remove a significant amount of the gathered particles from the heads and quickly boost the machine’s performance. Only do this if the manufacturer endorses this practice. Always be sure the shredder is turned off and unplugged before you start. If you cannot use the reverse run option, clean the blades with a brush to the best of your ability. Keep from blowing into the cutting shaft; as the moisture can cause irreversible damage to the metal parts of the cutter.


Oil the shredder


If you do not have an oil-free shredder, you need to regularly lubricate the oil heads to keep the machine operating at park performance. The blades of your shredder will last longer if you oil them regularly. This will reduce friction and keep them working smoothly.


Check your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change intervals. As a general guideline, you should oil every time you need to empty your bin if you use the shredder often. If not, a good oiling every two months should suffice. This component of shredder maintenance is not a very difficult procedure to carry out correctly. It may be possible to oil your shredder by simply squirting appropriate shredder oil in a zig-zag pattern on a piece of paper and running it through the shredder, followed by a brief run in reverse on the machine, depending on your model.


Make sure to always use commercial shredder oil, as it is specifically designed to provide the best possible performance on shredder blades.


Some shredders come with a self-oiling option, depending on its size and model. If that’s the case, all you have to do is make sure the oil bottle is full and everything is working properly. In many situations, these shredders will have an indicator light that tells you when it’s time to replace the bottle.


Check your shredder’s run time


To avoid overheating, most shredders can only run for a certain period of time before they need to be shut down. This is true even if your shredder is technically rated for continuous operation.

If there is no run time specified in the instruction manual, it’s worth asking customer service about it. Allowing 30 minutes of cool down time for every 30 minutes of operation is a good guideline to avoid overworking your shredder.


Shred plastic with care


Plastic can be cut with most shredders, however considerable caution should be exercised when shredding large quantities of plastic. Shredding plastic or paper in plastic sleeves after the shredder has been running for a lengthy period of time might be risky.


It is inevitable that the blades of your shredder will become hotter the more you use it. To safeguard the blades of your shredder if you are shredding plastic, seek to shred as little as possible or put the sheets of plastic through your shredder between sheets of paper.


Do not exceed the maximum capacity


All shredders have a maximum sheet capacity and this will usually be specified in the instruction manual. Shredding more than the machine can handle might result in blockages, costly repairs, and even the need for a new shredder. Some shredders are equipped with a load detector, which prevents you from feeding through more paper than the system’s maximum. However, this is not a typical feature.

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