Is it better to rent or buy a shredder

Which is Better Between Buying and Renting a Shredder


This is a common question that more and more businesses ask when the time to shred large amounts of documents comes. The decision to buy or rent a shredder has a rather large impact on finances and workflow.


Is it better to rent or buy a shredder?

We explore the pros and cons of each option to uncover the answer to this common question.


Renting a shredder


Renting a shredder is an option that many business owners opt for, especially when choosing which machine to buy proves to be too challenging. First you should do some research to determine whether there are shredder rentals available near you. If so, there are a few key elements to take into account.


Pros of renting a shredder


You will not be responsible for the maintenance of the shredding machine. You do not have to service the machine or replace broken parts. Depending on how often it is used and for which purpose, a once-off investment may be more cost-effective. Be sure to discuss maintenance costs with a reputable dealer before making your decision.

You can still shred documents, even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money to purchase a machine. Monthly shredder rentals are available from DigiShred to accommodate this need.


Cons of renting a shredder


Renting a shredder is an expense and not an investment. Buying a shredder means you gain a business asset. Shredder rentals are often limited to a select few machines, whereas buying a shredder gives you access to more models at different price ranges to choose from. This means you might not necessarily get the machine you want in the condition you expected. It might also have been used by others before and it’s difficult to guarantee that it will function optimally.


Buying a shredder


Buying shredders come with a bigger price tag, but might make more sense economically in the long run. If the machine works overtime, you have to make the decision between having to replace it sooner when you buy a machine versus getting a new rental.

Pros of buying a shredder

When you buy a shredder you have entire control over what brand, colour, and size the shredder is. You’ll be able to handpick a shredder that best suits your office needs. As mentioned before, you’ll need to make a once-off investment or pay it off in monthly installments over a period of time.

When care is taken to ensure the shredder is services regularly and those who use it work properly, shredders can last for many years.

Instead of paying a monthly fee to make use of a company’s shredder, you know the money spent is on a business asset.

Cons of buying a shredder

You are responsible for the maintenance cost of the machine. If something breaks or the shredder needs to be replaced, you will be liable for the cost.

If employees are negligent and fail to follow the user instructions, the machine may be damaged and malfunction.

Finding the suitable person to handle and destroy sensitive data can be difficult and a security concern.

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