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Digishred has a wide selection of Rexel paper shredders for sale. Find out more about these products below.

Rexel is known as one of the most reputable brands for shredders currently on the market. For the past fifty years, this brand focused on providing high-quality office machines for their customers. One of these office solutions  include their paper shredder machines.

At Digishred, we provide our customers with a wide selection of Rexel shredder machines for sale. Our company understands that businesses are looking for heavy-duty shredding machines to use in their working environment, so we want to be able to offer the best office equipment  solutions at the most affordable price.

Our Range of Rexel Shredders for Sale


At Digishred, we find that our customers gravitate towards the Rexel range of paper shredders because of the fact that the brands main focus is offering a machine that offers the best possible service to the user. This is extremely important to most of our buyers because nowadays, all businesses are looking for ways to ensure document security and eliminate identity theft at all costs.

Rexel understands that even though we are living in a digital age, many companies still relay on information presenting in a hard copy form.

Our range of Rexel paper shredders for sale include,  but are not limited to the following:

This shredding machines works well especially for large businesses and office entities where there is a high demand for safely disposing documents containing sensitive information.

What’s so great about this paper shredder is that it has the ability to shred up to seven hundred and fifty sheets of paper at a time.

Besides being able to shred paper, this Rexel auto plus  cross cut shredder can also shred CD’s, credit cards and staples too.

What our customers will love is that this machine comes with a standard two year warrantee against defects. Be sure to check out more information about this product on our website today.

The Rexel Auto plus six hundred auto feeder paper shredder is perfect for office use because it can sit on a desk or freestanding. This machines auto function allows the user to shred up to six hundred pieces of paper at a time and it allows the user to enter a four digit pin to lock on the automatic feeder to make sure that all of the documents stay in place while shredding.

This paper shredder machine also features and eighty liter bin that can hold up to one thousand sheets of shredded paper.

All of the sheets that are shredded using this machine will get shredded into pieces that are P 5 security level.

If you are looking for a paper shredder that’s ideal for a small business, then this is the one for you. The Rexel auto plus two hundred auto feed paper shredder can shred up to two hundred sheets of paper.

The automatic feature on this machine will save the user time by making sure that the papers are getting shredded continuously. It had a sixteen minute run time and a thirty-two liter bin that can take up to three hundred and sixty sheets of shredded paper.

One of the reasons why our customers with small businesses should consider buying this shredding machine is because it also features and automatic reverse function that prevents paper jamming from occurring.

This paper shedding machine form Rexel is good for people  who need a shredder at home or for personal office use. You can use this paper shredder to safely get rid of documents with sensitive information such as banking statements and invoices too.

This machine has a ten minutes run time and comes with a twenty six liter bin that can hold three hundred sheets of shredded paper.

If you are interested in any one of these Rexel paper shredders or you want to find out more about the others we have on offer, please be sure to make an enquiry with us by sending us an email, filling out our online forms or stopping by to visit us in store.

Our customers can feel free to call us on 087 195 2108 of they need assistance on choosing the best Rexel paper shredder for their office needs. Not only do we offer the best paper shredders for sale in South Africa, but we at Digishred also offer professional paper shredding services too. We look forward to hearing form you soon.

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