Five Reasons you should choose shredders from Digishred

Five Reasons you Should Choose Shredders from Digishred


Digishred offers an extensive inventory of paper shredders to buy or rent. Unwanted papers at work must be disposed of in a secure manner, and we understand this. As a result, we are able to provide our solutions at the most competitive prices available.

Documents containing sensitive information can be destroyed by shredding them at home or at the office. Having a high-quality shredder available ensures that you will be able to dispose of any papers that you no longer need.

By shredding these records, you’re reducing the risk of identity theft for your firm.

In addition, most businesses have a lot of documentation that has to be disposed of. With the use of a paper shredder machine, you can ensure that your confidential papers are destroyed in a secure manner.

Any professional services firm, including finance, engineering, and even auditing, acquires confidential information from its employees or customers. That information has to be deleted in an acceptable way in order to avoid being charged with carelessness and criminal offenses for failing to do so. Individuals’ fundamental right to privacy is protected by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which came into effect on July 1, 2020, to safeguard personal information.

Shredders are the most convenient, most effective, and most cost-efficient method of destroying documents. They do not take up a considerable lot of room in either the workplace or the home environment and there are also a variety of brands to select from. In this article, we discuss the five top reasons you should choose shredders from Digishred.


Why should you choose Digishred?


At Digishred we offer the following best brands:


Fellowes & Beswick:


The AutoMax shredders are a pioneering and creative product from this well-known manufacturer. Time-saving shredders enable you to turn on the shredder and let it go about its business without your intervention.




A brand that caters to everyone’s requirements. Ideal shredder blades are constructed of Solingen Quality Steel and are designed to last for many years.




These shredders are easy to use and contain cutting-edge technology, making them one of South Africa’s most popular brands.


Rexel Auto:


Workers that must follow POPI laws will find this tool ideal. They are small enough to fit into small work areas.




If you’re in need of a shredder that can handle heavy-duty industrial use, go no further than JBF. They are very safe and can shred materials other than paper, including wood and metal. There is little to no noise and little to no maintenance required.


New United:


Ideal for those who wish to shred their documents with the highest degree of protection possible while still keeping their costs to a minimum.


Wide range of service


In addition to the brands offered by Digishred as described above, the company also offers several additional services:


  • On-site drop-off and pick-up of daily rental shredders and/or machines and labour;
  • Securing confidential shredding of documents at our in-house shredding service;
  • Security wheelie bin containers;
  • Regular or once-off clearances;
  • Scan Documents Using OCR and Zoning Software to Create PDFs that are searchable and editable.


Servicing several industries and businesses in South Africa


With 18 years of experience, Digishred has teamed with Toshiba Tech Sa, one of the nation’s top office automation suppliers. Whether big, medium, or small, Digishred caters to a wide range of industries including government, business, mining, agricultural, legal, health, and educational. We service both the corporate world, as well as people who need to destroy documents at home.


Affordable options


Digishred sells a wide variety of brands and models at a low, reasonable cost, or to rent. Visit our website to learn more about buying or renting a shredder for specified periods of time. Digishred also provides extensive shredding services, ranging from on-site rentals to in-house shredding.


Guaranteed compliance and security


Most businesses in South Africa will be required to adhere to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), often known as the POPI Act. It will become clearer as the Information Regulator continues to draft the POPI Regulations.

The growing number of occurrences of identity theft and abuse in South Africa has necessitated the creation of rules to safeguard people’s privacy and personal information. The POPI Act outlines the basic requirements for gaining access to and processing another person’s personal information. According to the Act, “processing” is defined as the collection, receipt, recording, organisation of, retrieval, or use of any such information.

Information that may identify a person, such as their name, surname, identification number, or contact information like a phone number or email address, as well as any other unique information that can be used to identify them, is known as personal information.

With a shredder at your workplace, you’ll be able to quickly and securely dispose of any documents that are no longer required in terms of the Act. Most organisations need data protection policies, laws, and actions to guarantee that personal and sensitive information is protected.

To find out more about our range of shredders for sale, get in touch with a consultant online. We also offer SME finance options to assist small and medium companies to operate efficiently. If you’re in need of shredder rentals or shredding services, we will gladly advise and give you a free quote.