The Best Shredder Brands To Consider in 2023

In today’s environment, we must all take extra measures to safeguard the security of our business. Using secure paper destruction is one option. It is crucial that you take measures to prevent identity theft from occurring at your business and in your records.

Paper documents still have a significant place in today’s modern world, despite the prevalence of digital data. Even while electronic alternatives exist, many processes still rely on paper documents like letters and contracts, which require careful management and disposal. If left unattended, these documents might compromise personal information such as medical history if they aren’t destroyed properly.


Our team at Digi-Shred is available to assist you in selecting the best paper shredder brand or shredding service that is most appropriate for your requirements in 2023. 

best shredder brands in 2023

One of the most common mistakes made when shopping for a shredder is getting one that is inadequate for the job. For instance, people might buy a home shredder when, for larger work, they would be better served by an office one. If they operate in a very large workplace, they may even require a commercial-grade shredder. Micro-cut shredders are the finest option for maximum security, but credit card shredders may be necessary for more comprehensive document destruction. Buyers of a home paper shredder may also want to think about safety measures designed to prevent accidents involving children or pets.

Our selection of paper shredders to consider for 2023


Rexel Auto+ 600X Auto Feed Paper Shredder

It can be placed next to a desk or stand on its own, making it ideal for use in big offices and departments that need a discreet way to dispose of paper documents. Up to 600 sheets of 80gsm paper can be fed into the auto feed function at once, and the 4-character PIN lock on the auto feed chamber ensures that sensitive papers are safely stored until they are destroyed. P-4 level security is achieved by shredding each sheet. It can also destroy compact discs, credit cards, staples, and paper clips.

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JBF 2835

The JBF 28-35 is a series of high-performance unique shredders made for reducing and destroying any kind of material. This range of heavy-duty industrial shredders comes with a selection of feed openings and product discharges. The JBF 2835 can shred both loose paper and books in a single pass. Those included staples and paper clips won’t have a chance against the cutting shafts, which have been hardened and honed for maximum efficiency.

Hopper loading systems with safety interlocks ensure the operator’s well-being. Each door is fitted with a limit switch and an emergency stop button to prevent unauthorized entry. Knives made from special steels can be individually swapped out and resharpened.

Knife width, diameter, shape, and motor power provide fine-grained control over machine throughput and particle size of shredded material. Input and output conveyors, tilting/lifting devices, baling presses, and suction systems, can be integrated with the shredders to meet your specific needs.

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Fellows & Beswick 100M Mini-Cut Paper Shredder

This shredder includes a 100-sheet auto feed capacity and a manual feed option, making it quite versatile. It has a security level of P-4 and can shred a variety of sensitive papers into over a thousand pieces.

Incorporating safety features such as Auto Reverse, Silentshred, and Sleep Mode, these paper shredders for sale can be used continuously for up to 15 minutes.

At least 175 sheets can be stored in a pull-out bin that is 23 liters in capacity and has an ultra-small particle size. Paper clips, credit cards, and staples are just some of the things that may be fed into the machine through the little hole on the side. Since safety is prioritized, this is a great option for startups that are still finding their footing.

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New United M3150M Shredder

Large offices and businesses may take advantage of the continuous shredding provided by this model, which is housed in a metal cabinet. The casing and mechanism are both made of metal and are built to withstand repeated, rigorous use. The LED screen is used to show off the many sophisticated features. 15 sheets of 80 gsm paper can be shredded in one pass using the security level 5 shredder. The 51.5-liter capacity, the pull-out empty bin features a simple door that opens easily.

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Kobra 400 S5 Shredder

The simple, low-noise operation makes this a great option for anybody looking for a shredder. Paper shredders from the Kobra 400 Range are most at home in a dedicated shredding space. Under normal shredding conditions, it’s the best option for a group of 15 to 20 users. Indicating if the device is active or in standby mode, a blue light will glow. The standby mode and low power usage provided by the Energy Smart System are two of its distinguishing qualities.

A tried and true chain gear mechanism powers the 24-hour continuous duty shredding. The bin size of this level-2 secure machine is 200 liters, and it can shred up to 62 pages at once.

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