Get High-Quality Kobra Shredders for Sale & Rental in South Africa at Digishred

Are you looking for quality Kobra shredders for sale at the best prices?


If you are familiar with the paper shredder machine brand Kobra, then you would know they offer high-quality shredders that integrates state of the art technology and some of the most advanced features on each shredding machine. At Digishred, we provide our customers with a wide selection of Kobra shredders for sale in South Africa. Find out more about these products below. 

Kobra is a top of the range brand that is known for producing some of the best paper shredder machines in its industry. What makes this product different from its competitors is that they focus on including top-notch features on each shredder they produce. This works well for them because they focus on producing a product that assists the user in more than one way.

At Digishred, our main focus is to provide our customers with solutions that work for them. We know that regardless of what industry your business works in, all businesses do find themselves with a large volume of paperwork that needs to get disposed of in a safe manner. 

Choosing to shred your unwanted documents will protect your company from issues such as identity theft and also not getting sensitive information leaked from your company. This is why the Kobra range of shredders works for us. Kobra is committed to providing good quality shredders that will work for all company’s whether they are big or small. 

Our range of Kobra shredders will help you to safely destroy all the papers that you need to in your business. What’s great about shredders is that they work to immediately shred paper into thousands of smaller pieces. Bu getting rid of these large volumes of paper will help you to save space in your office space. 


You may also be interested in our other shredder brands, including JBF, Ideal, as well as, Fellows & Beswick.

At Digishred, we are proud to be able to provide our customers with a wide range of Kobra paper shredding machines that they can buy from us. Our company is known for being the leading supplier of shredder machines for sale and renting in our country, and our range of affordable Kobra shredders are not an exception to this. 


Kobra has been working in their field of work since 1954 and have since been providing people with exceptional paper shredder machines. Digishred is proud to supply its customers in South Africa with this premium range of shredders. 


Our range of Kobra shredders for sale include, but are not limited to the following:


  • KOBRA +1 CC4 shredder

This cross-cut shredder machine is perfect for home office use. It has a bin capacity of thirty-eight point five litres and it has a maximum sheet capacity of twelve to fourteen sheets of paper at a time. 


This shredder from the Kobra range features aspects such as a safety stop, and energy-smart system and even an automatic reverse system to prevent the paper from jamming in the machine. 


  • KOBRA 240.1 C4 shredder

The Kobra 240.0C4 shredder machine is a cross-cut paper shredding machine that gets made in Italy. One of the best things about this paper shredder machine is that not only can it shred paper, it can also shred other items such as credit cards, paper clips and even staples. 


  • KOBRA 260 TS S5 shredder

This next Kobra paper shredding machine we have available for our customers to use is perfect for medium size office use. It has a maximum shredding capacity of twenty-five sheets and a bin capacity of sixty litres. 


  • KOBRA +1 SS6 shredder

The Kobra +1 SS6 shredder is great for either home or office use. This is a great easy to use shredder that is good for beginners and also for those who have some experience with this type of machine. One of the advantages of this paper shredder is that it is a low noise machine, which means that when it is in use it does not make too much of noise. Another great advantage of this paper shredder is that it comes with a window on the waste bin which allows the user to see the waste level of the machine. 


Other types of Kobra paper shredders we have available include:

  • KOBRA 300.1 HS shredder
  • KOBRA 400 S5 shredder
  • KOBRA 430 TS shredder

If you would like to get more information on our range of Kobra paper shredders machines, make sure to give us a call today. We have an expert team of professionals who have all of the necessary information and skills to help you find the best shredder for you. Besides selling high-quality Kobra shredders, we also provide professional paper shredding services to our customers in South Africa. Make sure to find out more about this next time you visit us in-store.