Best-Priced Ideal Shredders For Sale & Rental in South Africa

Digishred offers competitive Ideal shredder prices in South Africa.


Digishred is one of the most reputable offices automation suppliers since 1976. Our company has seventeen years of experience in the copiers field and is an authorized dealer for all Toshiba office automation solutions in South Africa. Find out more about our selection of Ideal shredding machines below.

One of the most interesting facts about Ideal is that they are manufactured in Germany and imported into South Africa by the Maynards Office Technology Group. These machines are rugged and perfect for:


  • Personal shredding use


These paper shredding machines work great in small office set-ups or for individual use too. Even in smaller businesses, there is a worry of identity theft and the security of information. Personal details such as banking card PINs, personal place of residency, or contact details can exist on single pieces of paper in small businesses. Our Ideal shredding machines for personal use helps to prevent any fraudulent activities from occurring in your small business or at home.  


  • As a desk side shredder machine


Having an Ideal shredding operator as a desk-side machine means that you can control the protection of information and data right from the place where it is created, your work desk. All of the Ideal paper shredder machines come equipped with paperclip-proof cutting shafts that are durable and resistant.


  • Office shredders


The Ideal heavy-duty paper shredder rental is perfect for heavy office usage, large business entities, or to share among employees on a large office floor. These shredders are easy to use and require no explanation when it comes to their functionality. Ideal office shredders can help to eliminate large piles of documents that gather in the working space after they have been used. One of the main advantages of the Ideal office shredder machines is that more than one person can use a single machine to safely destroy unwanted papers in the office.


  • High-capacity shredder


The Ideal high-capacity shredder machines are rugged, super-powerful machines that you can rely on for high volumes of shredding activity in your business. This is a low-risk solution for all types of bulk shredding purposes. These machines come equipped with a multifunctional switch to make them easier to operate. Another added benefit of the Ideal high-capacity shredder machines is that have a built-in automatic oil injection system for the cutting shafts. This helps to streamline the process of shredding high-volumes of paper.

It has taken the manufacturers sixty years to perfect the design and functionality of each of the machines in the Ideal range.

Paper shredder machines are generally used in businesses to protect against identity theft or to safely get rid of documents containing sensitive information for the business. All of the paper shredder solutions offered in the Ideal range provides its user with all of the features that are help their paper shredding needs. The shredder head of the Ideal machine is built to have solid steel cutting shafts that work to shred the paper fed into the machine.

Digishred is known for offering its customers office automation solutions that promote productivity in the business. This product line includes shredders from those of the Ideal brand. Our selection of Ideal shredders includes, but are not limited to:


For personal use


  • IDEAL 2220


This Ideal shredding machine for personal use is easy to operate and comes with a one hundred- and fifty-Watt single-phase motor installed in the machine.


For large offices.


  • IDEAL 2265


The Ideal 2265 shredder machine comes equipped with an easy-touch multifunctional switch and an automatic reverse and power cut of the system. This shredding machine is designed to automatically switch off after thirty minutes of inactive use.


For medium-size office use.


  • IDEAL 2604


If you are looking for a medium-sized office paper shredder machine then our Ideal 2604 is great for you. this machine comes with a built-in feature that allows the machine to automatically stop if the shred bin is full. This feature helps to eliminate paper jamming from occurring.

For industrial use.
  • IDEAL 4107

Our Ideal paper shredders for industrial use come with a two-year guarantee on the cutting shafts and comes equipped with a plastic bag suspension to make disposing of the wase a bit easier.

To view our extensive range of Ideal paper shredders, make sure to visit our website today.

Digishred provides its customers with a variety of Ideal paper shredders. Browse through our website to find out more information on each of the Ideal shredding machines available for purchase today. For more information on our affordable Ideal shredders, South Africa prices make sure to request a quote on our website today.

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