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Best-Priced Fellowes Beswick Shredders For Sale & Rental in South Africa

Digishred is the leading supplier of paper shredders, copiers, and other office equipment in South Africa. Our company was established in 2002 and is an authorized Toshiba dealer in the country.

Find out more about the Fellowes Beswick paper shredders for sale below. We offer the best Fellowes Beswick paper shredder prices in South Africa.

Fellowes Beswick was established in 1976 with the intention to provide state-of-the-art office, healthcare storage, printing, and organization machines to all of their customers in South Africa.

The company is a family-owned business that aims to provide exceptional services to its customers. Fellowes Beswick South Africa range includes, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial shredders

These shredders are great for those businesses that are looking for convenience. The Fellowes Beswick commercial shredders are automatic shredder machines that can handle all sorts of documents for shredding.

  • Small business and home office paper shredders

Fellowes Beswick supplies great paper shredders that work exceptionally well for small businesses and home offices too. Paper shredders are just as important to those people working remotely and small businesses because it helps to get rid of unwanted documents in a safe manner and it eliminates clutter too.

  • Personal shredders  

The machines that fall under the personal shredder machine category are ideal for those people who need a shredder machine at home or have a need to depose their documents that contain their personal and sensitive information.

  • The AutoMax paper shredders

The Fellowes Beswick AutoMax paper shredders were designed to make shredding paper convenient for you. Digishred offers seven different types of Fellowes Beswick AutoMax shredders.

One of these includes the 100m Mini-cut shredder machine which can shred continuously for fifteen minutes. This shredder has a seven-year warranty and works to shred an A4 piece of paper into one thousand particles.

Another AutoMax shredder available for purchase at Digishred includes the AutoMax 150C Cross-cut shredder machine. This paper shredder can shred paper into 4 x 38mm cross-cut pieces and also has a sleep mode feature that will ensure your machine is shut down if it has not been used for at least two minutes.

These two Fellowes Beswick AutoMax paper shredders are just a small example of the variety that Digishred has to offer. For more information on our Fellowes Beswick range, speak to our team of professional staff members today.

Other brands in our shredder range that you may be interested in include Ideal, New United and Kobra.

Identity fraud is a big risk to most businesses operating in South Africa. Using high-quality Fellowes & Beswick shredders in your company can help to eliminate this threat from your business. Most documents found in the office space contain private and confidential information that is sacred to the business and its employees. It does not make sense to just discard these documents in the rubbish bin, should you want to get rid of them. The best solution is to shred the papers.

Our Fellowes Beswick paper shredders for rental are great for both home offices and fully-fledged businesses. Digishred offers a wide variety of high-quality Fellows Beswick shredding machines for you to choose from. Choosing to invest in these products means that you will be able to safely dispose of confidential documents in your business, without letting them fall into the hands of others outside of your company.

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable staff members at Digishred will be able to advise you of the size and type of fellows Beswick paper shredders that are best suitable for your business needs.

Digishred provides office automation solutions and IT infrastructure that specially caters to small to medium-sized businesses. We also have products that are designed for large entities as well. Make sure to view our products on our website to find the best item for you. We supply office automation solutions to more than six hundred clients and our client base continues to grow as our business progresses.

Shop our extensive range of Fellowes Beswick paper shredder machines today. For more information on these products and more, request a call back on our website by filling in your information on the spaces provided. Once you have submitted your request, we will have one of our staff members get back to you shortly.

We would love to hear from you! Please give us a call on 087 195 2108 today should you need assistance or if you would just like more information on our Fellowes Beswick paper shredders in South Africa. You can also send all paper shredder-related questions to us via e-mail too.