Shredder Brands shredders are placed into categories based on machine size and determined by number of users

Personal shredders meet the shredding needs of 1 to 4 individuals and can be utilised for the home or small office

Office shredders meet the shredding needs of 5 to 9 individuals

Department shredders meet the shredding needs of 10 + individuals

Industrial Shredders meet the shredding needs of businesses and companies requiring large amounts of shredding capable of handling shredding more than just sheet form.

Shredder Brands offers strip-cut, crosscut, micro-cut and higher-level security shredders

Strip-cut shredders meet low security needs

Cross-cut shredders meet moderate security needs

Micro-cut shredders meet high security needs

Super micro-cut shredders meet extra high security needs

High security shredders meet the top level, super sensitive security needs

All Shredder Brands shredders shred standard A4 size paper Most models also shred irregular paper, small staples & small paperclips Select shredder models also shred credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s either through the main paper entry or through a secondary slot Refer to your product manual for specific listings of which items your shredder can handle and instructions on how to shred safely

It could have stopped for several reasons:

  1. First make sure that the power to the shredder has not been interrupted
  2. Is the power cord still plugged in?
  3. Is the shredder still set to “On” or “Auto”?
  4. Look at the shredder indicator panel – Illuminated symbols alert you to a problem – look up the symbols in your product manual for directions on what to do


Common problems include:

  1. paper exceeds shredder capacity
  2. shredder door is open
  3. waste bin is full
  4. paper has jammed
  5. shredder has reached maximum run time and needs to cool down

How do I clear a shredder jam? (Manual Feed Shredders)

  1. In the event of a jam, switch the unit to the reverse position until at least 2-3 cm of the paper reverses out
  2. Switch into the forward position to clear the paper jam
  3. Alternating between the reverse and forward functions several times may be necessary to clear excess paper that has moved more than halfway through the cutters

Shredding fewer sheets at a time is the best way to reduce the risk of jams


All these our technical staff at Digi Shred are here to assists you with. Choosing a company with proper technical back up and support is imperative. You do not want to be running up and down trying to see who can fix your shedder when you have actual tasks to do yourself.

As with any machine, shredders perform best when used as instructed

Refer to your product manual and follow proper operating procedures or give one of our team a call if you need assistance. Servicing your machine on a regular basis helps extend the life span of your equipment and keep it in a good working order.