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Protect your businesses identity and confidential information with our range of New United paper shredder machines. Digishred provides their customers with  a wide selection of quality paper shredders in South Africa. Read more about our range of New United shredders below.

At Digishred, we focus on offering the best paper shredder machines for businesses and personal office use. Our company is the leading supplier of affordable paper shredders in the country. Not only do we have paper shredder machines available for purchase, we also offer professional shredding services to our customers in South Africa.

One of the most quality brands of paper shredders among our variety at the moment has to be the New United shredder. These machines helps businesses and individuals to properly destroy documents that contain sensitive and personal information. This is very important because of the fact that businesses are concerned with keeping information about their trades private.

Our  range of paper shredders will help their user to keep their business compliment by shredding documents with important information.

At Digishred, we have a wide selection of shredding machines available for you to choose from.

All of these shredders are can be used to offer your business the most protection from identity theft.

Our range of paper shredders include the following:


M3150C shredder


The New United M3150C paper shredder is the most ideal machine for home offices and medium sized businesses.

This paper shredder machine is marked at security level four and can shred a maximum of twenty sheets of paper at a time.


M3150M shredder


If you are looking for a high security level in a paper shredder machine, then the M315M shredder is for you.

This paper shredder has a level 5 mark for security. It also has a maximum shredding capacity of fifteen sheets at a time and it has a bin which can hold up to fifty-one point five liters of shredded paper.


RT-14C paper shredder machine


The RT-14C paper shredder is a good machine for home use only. It has a maximum sheet capacity of fourteen sheets per use and comes with a standard twenty-six liter bin.


RT-15C paper shredder machine


Another great option for disposing paper is the RT-15C shredder. This machine is perfect for home or office use and has a level three security rating.

The RT-15C paper shredder comes with a bin that has a twenty-six liter capacity and it can shred up to fifteen sheets of paper at once.

Make sure to view our range of New United paper shredders on our website for more information on each product.

It is so important for businesses to realize the importance of a good quality paper shredder machine. Not only is it an essential item for businesses to have, paper shredders work well for those individuals who are working from home too.

Some of the advantages you can look forward to attaining when you choose to buy a shredder machine from us are:


  • Confidentially


One of the biggest advantages of choosing to buy a paper shredder form us is improved security of sensitive information for your business.

Our paper shredders make document shredding easy and hassle free. This is a convene it option for most business who have large volumes of paperwork that needs to get disposed in a safe manner.


  • Improved security


Shredding machines helps businesses to ensure that sensitive information does not get leaked to the public.

Personal information such as cell phone numbers, account numbers and residential addresses are all present in most business documents.

Paper shredders work well to shared each paper into tiny pieces of paper. This makes it difficult to identify what information was present in the document before shredding.


  • It saves space


Businesses with large volumes of unwanted paper will appreciate a good quality shredding machine. Each time you use this machine to shred paper it saves space in your working environment.

Most businesses make the mistake of keeping a hold on to documents they don’t need. You can make sure that these documents get disposed by using a shredding machine

Paper shredder machine as well as the act of shredding has become the most important business practice in the digital age. For more information on our range of New United paper shredders, please feel free to call us on 087 195 2108 today. Our team of professional staff are fully equipped with all of the skills and information they need in order to assist you with finding the  best paper shredder that suites your needs. Make sure to view our extensive range of New United paper shredders on our website today.

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