Best-Priced JBF Shredders For Sale & Rental in South Africa

Are you looking for quality JBF paper shredders for sale at the best prices?


Well, look no further! Digishred is the leading supplier of affordable JBF shredding machines in South Africa. 


Digishred is the go-to company for all South African who are looking to buy quality office automation solutions and machinery for their business. We are an award-winning company based in South Africa. Some of the titles we have under our business name include those for Product of the Year Honors, The Top 100 Global Investors of 2016. 

We at Digishred offer some of the greatest office automation equipment for sale or renting purposes in South Africa. Our company is known to be the best supplier of all printers and in the country. Any business or individual that chooses us as their supplier, will benefit from having their office equipment readily available in their office environment.

One of the many products we have on offer is the JBF paper shredder rentals machines. 

Paper shredders are one of the most important tools for all businesses to have in their working environment. These machines are useful to businesses because it helps them to get rid of any unwanted documents laying around. 

The JBF shredding machine solutions we have available for our customers to purchase act as a great source of security for their companies. We do not realize how much sensitive information we put on the documents we create. It could be very dangerous for the company if this type of information gets released to the general public, without their consent. For this reason, we recommend investing in a durable JBF paper shredder for your business. 

The JBF shredding machine makes disposing of your documents simple and hassle-free. Digishred is the most preferred provider for the JBF range. Our team has all of the knowledge about these machines, and we are ready to find the best solution for you. We will recommend the size and type of shredder that is best for your company’s needs. Visit us in-store if you want to learn more about shredders, and how they can work for your company. 

At Digishred, we have two very distinct types of JBF paper shredder machines available for our customers to choose from. Other brands in our shredder range include Ideal, Fellows Beswick and Kobra.


These include:


  1. JBF 2835 Shredder 


CDs, DVDs, cardboard, syringes, and even plastic bottles may all be shredded using this machine. It is an industrial high-performance shredder machine that works well in all types of businesses environments, especially those which have high volumes of paper documentation to get rid of. 

Each piece of paper that’s shredded with this machine gets cut up into 10mm strips of cut paper. It also comes with a 240litres waste bin for all the shredded pieces of paper to get disposed in.


      2. JBF 3850 Shredder Machine 


The JBF 3850 is an industrial level shredder machine. One of the greatest advantages of the JBF 3850 machine is its strength and versatility of this machine. It is manufactured in Germany and was designed with the intention to help businesses safely destroy any documents that may contain sensitive information. However, this is not its the only purpose. 


      3. Other features of this shredder machine include:


  • This shredder machine has very low revolutions per minute.
  • Another great feature of the JBF paper shredder is that it is extremely silent while shredding documents. 
  • Easy to operate.
  • Unlike other paper shredder machines on the market, this tool is very low maintenance. 


Digishred’s team will work with you to find the best JBF paper shredder machine that will match your individual or business needs in areas such as in-feed, cutter design, frame size, and out-feed design.

  1. Our JBF paper shredder machines come equipped with an emergency stop feature. When the sensor picks up signals that any part of your body is too close to the blades of the machines, signals are sent to the tactile sensing circuit, which causes the motor to stop.
  2. This will help to prevent accidents that cause your fingers to get drawn into the shredder opening and causing injury.
  3. It is so much more than just a paper shredder machine! This office automation device also can shred other materials such as wood and metal.
  4. It has a simple operations system.


If you would like to find out more about our JBF shredders prices, please make sure to enquire more about these products today. All of our clients are also we come to give us a call to speak to our sales consultants regarding this product and others we have on offer.