How To Fix a Blocked Paper Shredder?

In the workplace, paper jams have long been a source of frustration. You would assume that it would no longer be an issue in 2023. Fortunately, unclogging a jammed shredder can be done quickly and there are ways to avoid it.

This blog contains advice on how to identify the cause of a jammed shredder and how to clear it.

Recommended Tips To Unclog a Shredder

First, safety

It won’t simply flip the switch off. When you intend to get your hands dirty, always disconnect your shredder. Also, keep in mind that a shredder still contains numerous sharp individual blades that might hurt you even while not in use. Use tools like tweezers and pencils to break up and retrieve paper or plastic that may be stuck in the shredder in order to safeguard both your fingers and the blades.

Why Is My Shredder Jammed?

Check your trash

The shredder won’t start shredding if your trash can is overflowing. It’s possible that the paper just has nowhere to go. Try frequently empty it. Your shredder ought to be operating normally if this was the case. Aside from saving yourself and others a lot of frustration, it is a good idea to leave the trash can empty for the next user or the next time you plan to use it.

Rewind it

If your shredder has a reverse mode, try using it. Run it backward and forward a few times. If it jams, do it once again until the block is gradually processed. If you are unsure whether this is possible or you are unsure of how to go about doing it, you can refer to the owner’s manual. You may find the majority of owners’ manuals online.

Individually remove the fragments.

You’ll need to act as a surgeon for a while if none of that worked to address the problem. You may access the blades by taking off the top covers of the shredder. With the pencil and tweezers, carefully remove any remaining paper fragments. After removing everything, shut the covers and turn the machine to reverse. Once everything has been cleared, lubricate the blades and feed one piece of paper through to make sure everything is functioning properly.

A shredder shouldn’t be overloaded.

Review the instructions that came with it to refresh your memory on the kind of materials your shredder can handle and the volume it can hold at once. The main cause of shredder blockages is usually this. Before feeding another batch, ensure the last one is thoroughly shredded.

Realize it’s happening when it does

If you can unplug the shredder as soon as you can after realizing what a jam looks like or when one is building, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort. As a result, the fragments of objects won’t accumulate or exert further pressure.

Additionally, using shredding services can help you avoid future hassles. Get in contact with a professional to learn more about our paper shredder rental costs and shredder machines available for purchase.

Why Is My Shredder Jammed?

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