Which is Best? Fellows and Beswick vs Kobra Shredders


Although shredders are useful in any office or household, you should consider the volume of paper you’ll need to destroy and the number of individuals who’ll be doing the shredding.
A shredder’s run time is how long it can keep shredding without pausing for a cool down. Several people may need to shred continuously in a larger workplace setting, so run time would be important. As shredding may be done less frequently in a home or home office setting, the shredder needs to operate nonstop for a shorter amount of time. When you have a high sheet capacity, shredding enormous stacks of paper is quick and easy.
With all these aspects to consider we thought you may want to see how some of our Fellows and Beswick shredders compare to Kobra shredders.


How Fellows and Beswick Shredders Compare to Kobra Shredders


The AutoMax 200C Auto Feed Shredder


This modern workplace automatic shredder allows you to feed documents directly into the shredder without ever having to lift a finger. It can manually feed 10 sheets at a time and can shred 200 sheets in five min. It has automatic shredding capabilities, which will increase efficiency. This paper shredder is equipped with the AccufeedTM System, allowing for hands-free, medium-volume automatic shredding.

It runs quietly and has an intuitive LED touch screen for controlling functions. You can trust the AutoMaxTM to destroy your credit cards, staples, and paper clips.




The KOBRA +1 CC4 is a Cross Cut desktop shredder that can quickly and efficiently shred your documents (cutting capacity: 3.5 x 40 mm) in a matter of seconds. Because it can shred up to 14 sheets in one go, it saves time and is simple to operate. To shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards with the KOBRA +1 CC4, simply insert them into the machine’s broad and simple-to-use entry throat.
This Kobra shredder is environmentally friendly because its standby mode uses zero watts of power, it employs Energy Smart technology, and it has an efficient optically lighted indicator. You can see exactly how much paper has been shredded with the KOBRA +1 CC4’s transparent front glass, and the waste bin can be removed for simple emptying.


PowershredÂŽ 225Ci cross cut shredder


This model works particularly well in expansive workplaces. The high-performance heavy-duty shredder has a motor designed for continuous use. It is a necessary piece of equipment for any office that regularly disposes of large amounts of paper.
The 225Ci has a 100% Jam Proof System to ensure consistent shredding in busy offices. This paper shredder boosts output by reducing time spent clearing paper jams. It has a continuous duty motor and SilentShredTM for quieter operation, making it ideal for use in crowded workplaces.


The KOBRA 400 C2


This Micro Cut Kobra Shredder is ideal for large offices thanks to its ability to quickly and efficiently shred enormous amounts of paper, including full-width computer printouts.
This model’s Energy Smart system ensures it has a negligible effect on the environment by not consuming any power while it is not actively being used.
The KOBRA 400 C2 has the highest level of performance on the market since it uses double motor drive technology in addition to its two super potential power units.


Microcut Paper Shredder Powershred LX221


In terms of productivity and reliability, this shredder is in a league of its own. Each sheet of A4 paper is shredded into almost 2,000 pieces using a micro-cut security shredder (2x12mm for safety level P-5).
By alerting the user when the bin or sheet capacity is low or the run time is almost up, the IntellibarTM responsive technology helps to maximise shredder performance while minimising downtime. In addition to providing added security in the home, the sleep mode will shut off the shredder after a set amount of time if it hasn’t been used. The unit can shred more than 2000 sheets in its 25-minute run time because to its 20-sheet capacity and 30-liter pull-out bin.


The KOBRA 300.1C4


Although there are many other types of paper shredders, none compare to the KOBRA 300.1C4 as the best straight- and cross-cut mobile shredder available.
Because of the 110-liter waste bin and A4/A3-sized feed throat, these shredders are ideal for heavy use in medium- to large-sized workplaces.
Cutting knives constructed with such precision allow the thermally insulated 24 hour continuous duty motor to shred massive amounts of material while using very little energy.
This means there is no need to worry about exceeding a duty cycle or waiting for a predetermined length of time for the shredder to cool down; you can shred for as long as you need.




When it comes to preventing identity theft, a high-quality shredder can be an invaluable asset. Modern shredders are small and silent compared to older types and will securely destroy important papers quickly and easily.
You can shred more than just paper with the best shredders thanks to a variety of functions that make it easy to destroy things like credit cards. This makes them a terrific complement to any home office, and many are cheaper than ever. We hope our comparison will highlight which model will best meet your needs and preferences.

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