Are Refurbished Shredders Cheaper In The Long Run?


A paper shredder is the best, most convenient, and least expensive way to destroy private papers, credit cards, and other valuables. They are straightforward to use, very efficient, and profitable in their outcomes. Instead of carelessly discarding bank statements, paid bills, and other confidential or private information, you can reduce your risk of identity theft, credit card fraud, and stolen corporate or client information by using a personal, office, or high security shredder.

A crucial question for firms trying to strike a balance between security and financial restraints is whether or not refurbished paper shredders constitute a cost-effective alternative.

This article examines the financial and practical benefits of refurbished paper shredders, providing a comprehensive look at why they are the more affordable choice in the long run.

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Are Refurbished Shredders Cheaper In The Long Run

A Word On Refurbished Goods


Before we start, a quick word on research done in the United States about how customers perceive refurbished goods. University of Pennsylvania in the US researchers found that by selling reconditioned products in traditional stores, manufacturers and merchants could enhance revenues and satisfy a growing desire for more sustainable buying practices.

Since 2009, businesses in the United States have increased their investment in the manufacturing of refurbished goods from $37.3 billion to over $100 billion. There are a few main drivers of this expansion, and they all have to do with long-term viability. Creating a reconditioned product uses about 60% fewer materials, 70% less energy, and produces 80% fewer carbon emissions than creating a brand new one.

Refurbished products have far better profit margins than new ones, typically between 40 and 80 percent. As a result, the resale industry stands to gain greatly in both the short and long term.


Refurbished vs Second Hand


A refurbished paper shredder is distinguished from a used paper shredder primarily in terms of its condition and the extent to which it has been restored. By undergoing extensive repairs, a reconditioned paper shredder is returned to a condition similar to that of a brand-new machine. To guarantee the shredder is operating at peak performance, it is necessary to maintain it by checking, cleaning, repairing, and in some cases upgrading its various parts. Most paper shredders that have been previously used are sold with guarantees and warranties that ensure their quality and functionality for the next owner.

A used paper shredder, on the other hand, is usually sold without any significant repairs having been made. Condition will vary from gently used to extensively worn based on how it was handled by the prior owner and is not guaranteed to have undergone a thorough inspection or repair. Used shredders are riskier to buy than reconditioned ones because they might not work properly or come with any sort of warranty.

If you’re a corporation looking for a cost-effective and dependable solution for document security, refurbished paper shredders are a better option due to the difference in quality, reliability, and level of investment protection.


The Basics of Reconditioned Paper Shredders


Refurbished paper shredders are used devices that have been restored to working order after a rigorous repair procedure. To restore the shredder to like-new condition, it is usually inspected, cleaned, repaired, and tested. While brand-new paper shredders are usually preferred, refurbished models are quickly gaining ground as a more affordable alternative.

Reduced Expenses


Refurbished paper shredders offer significant savings over brand new models. When compared to brand-new models, these machines are a steal. A remanufactured, high-quality shredder can frequently be purchased by businesses for much less than the cost of a brand-new one, freeing up capital that can be put towards other, more important endeavours.


Effects on the Environment


In light of current concerns about the planet, it makes sense to buy refurbished paper shredders. Businesses can contribute to reduce electronic waste and their impact on the environment by investing in equipment refurbishing. This strategy corresponds with eco-friendly corporate policy and helps the world in the long run, which could bring in eco-conscious clients.

Is it Cheaper in the Long Run to Buy a Refurbished Shredder



With proper care and upkeep, a refurbished paper shredder can last just as long as a brand new one. These machines have a long lifespan if treated well and serviced frequently. This durability not only extends the time until a return on investment is realised, but also decreases the frequency with which new shredders must be purchased.


Consistency and Efficiency


Performance and dependability issues are major causes for concern when considering refurbished devices. However, many trustworthy refurbishment firms ensure their clients that the shredder will function properly by providing warranties and servicing guarantees. Refurbished devices often have the same long-term performance and reliability as their brand-new equivalents, protecting the investment.


Budget-Friendly Maintenance


Refurbished shredders typically feature new or improved mechanisms and parts. Long-term maintenance expenses can potentially go down if these changes are implemented. Businesses can save money in the long run by purchasing refurbished shredders rather than replacing their current units, which may be more prone to malfunctions and costly repairs.

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