Kobra vs New United Paper Shredders

Different models of shredders, each with its own set of features and capabilities, should be taken into account before settling on a purchase for your home or office. Some shredders, for instance, are better suited for shredding in bulk, while others are better suited for shredding specific media like CDs and credit cards.

Not all models will have the same level of safety and security measures, either. By giving some thought to the numerous possibilities and picking the correct model for your needs, you can guarantee that your shredder will serve its purpose well and keep your private data safe.

In this article, we will compare the features of Kobra Shredders with those of United Paper Shredders.

The Ultimate Comparative Guide –  Kobra versus JBF Paper Shredders:

Kobra Shredders

Kobra has been around since 1954, and in that time they’ve provided the world with some very impressive paper shredder machines. 

The high shredding capacity and enhanced security features of Kobra Shredders have made them a favorite for both home and office use. Such shredders typically include automatic start/stop, jam-proof technology, and energy-saving features.

Kobra Shredders are useful for various tasks because of their adaptability and capacity to shred a variety of media types, including paper, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and floppy discs. Their lengthy lifespan and noise-canceling features make them a worthwhile purchase.

Kobra Shredders may be more costly than competing models, which is a possible downside. Further, certain designs may take up more room than others, which is something to think about for cramped work or living quarters. Finding the best shredder for your needs and budget requires researching numerous models and weighing their advantages and disadvantages.

Here at Digishred, we’re pleased to have a variety of Kobra shredders for sale for our customers to choose from. We have a wide selection of Kobra shredders at prices that won’t break the bank. Some of our models you may want to consider include:

Kobra 260 TS S5 Shredder

Under ordinary shredding requirements, this shredder is ideal for anywhere from six to eight people. When the machine is on or in standby mode, the blue light will illuminate. It has the ability to simultaneously shred up to 25 sheets of paper and includes a container that can hold up to 60 litres of waste.

This shredder has a low noise level, an easy-to-use touch screen control panel, and is very simple to operate. You can place the Kobra 260 TS S5 Paper Shredder in a designated shredding location or next to your desk for convenient access.

The strip cut security level 2 keeps prying eyes at bay while simultaneously boosting the speed of the shredding process. The sleek appearance is at home in any contemporary office, while also effectively concealing the sturdy workings of the device.


KOBRA +1 SS6 Shredder

In any setting, the Kobra +1 SS6 shredder is an excellent choice. The user-friendliness of this shredder makes it ideal for people with no prior expertise with such equipment as well as those with more advanced skills. The fact that this paper shredder doesn’t generate too much noise when operating is one of its many benefits. This paper shredder has a waste container with a see-through window, so you can always know how full it is.

New United Paper Shredders

Jiangsu New United Office Equipments Co. has been a frontrunner in the global market for shredders, binders, and laminators since 1998, and the company has amassed a wealth of expertise in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality products to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

Shredding has never been simpler or more suitable with increased levels of protection than it is with the new United Paper Shredders. There is a wide variety of personal and small office New United Shredders for sale, each with a different capacity for sheets.

Some of the New United Paper Shredders in our range include:

M3150M Shredder

The M315M shredder is the best option if you need a highly secure paper shredder. This cross-cut shredder is suitable for use in offices of medium size, as it has a duty cycle of 30 minutes and produces a low level of noise when in operation.

The level of security provided by this paper shredder is level 5. In addition, it features a bin that can hold up to 51.5 liters of shredded paper and can shred a maximum of 15 sheets at once.


RT-15C Shredder

This cross-cut shredder is perfect for a home office or for usage by a single person. It has a duty cycle of ten minutes and a security grade of level three.

In addition to being able to shred up to 15 sheets of paper at once, credit cards, paper clips, staples, and CDs may also be shredded with the RT-15C paper shredder, which comes with a bin that has a capacity of twenty-six 26 liters.

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