How to Oil a Paper Shredder


Protecting one’s private data is critical in the modern digital world. With dependable shredders from Digishred, you can be confident that your critical documents will remain secure. Paper shredders are now commonplace in most homes and offices, but regular use is necessary to keep them running well. Frequent maintenance is the secret to a long life and optimal performance from any mechanical item.

Here we enter the significance of oiling. You may be asking why it’s necessary to oil your shredder. Consider it like rehydrating your shredder. You may notice a decline in performance or even a complete failure of your shredder if the blades get dull or jammed with paper particles from regular use. By lubricating them with oil, these blades can remain sharp and avoid overheating.

But how frequently is it recommended to oil the paper shredder? Although the exact amount of oil needed varies by model and how often you use your shredder, a good rule of thumb is to add some oil every time you empty the trash can or once a month.

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The Value of Oil for Shredders


Shredders cut paper into very little pieces or strips. Friction and paper dust buildup can dull the cutting blades over time.

Lubricating the blades with oil makes them run more smoothly and protects them from wear and tear. By keeping the blades well-oiled, you can avert paper jams and make quick work of cutting paper. You can also save money on replacement costs since properly maintained shredders last longer.

When it comes to oiling paper shredders, there are a few different approaches, and the specifics could change depending on the manufacturer.

Here are the two main approaches:


Using the Paper:


  • On a surface that can be easily cleaned from oil, lay out a sheet of paper, ideally letter size or A4.
  • Get the oil that your shredder’s maker suggests. You should check the retailer where you bought the shredder to see if they sell any brand-specific oils.
  • Use a zigzag motion to apply the oil on one side of the paper. Make sure not to soak the paper too deeply.
  • To shred the paper that is coated in oil, turn on the shredder. Oil coating the blades as they shred paper ensures smooth operation.
  • Extra papers can be added to soak up any remaining oil on the blades.


How to Oil a Shredder Without Paper:


  • Follow your shredder’s instructions to get the oil that the manufacturer recommends.
  • Change the shredder’s setting to manual. You can adjust the direction and duration of the blade’s spinning with this.
  • Apply a small amount of oil to the paper’s entrance line.
  • Run the shredder in reverse for 10-20 seconds to distribute the oil.
  • Once again, set the shredder to operate automatically.
  • To remove any residual oil, feed some papers into the shredder.
  • For maximum performance and maintenance, be sure to follow the brand-specific instructions that came with your shredder.
How to Oil a Paper Shredder

Different Oil Types and Methods for Different Brands


Let’s dive into the specifics of how to oil your Fellowes & Beswick shredder effectively.


Step-by-Step Oiling Process


Prepare the Shredder:


  • Turn off your shredder and unplug it from the power source.
  • Remove any paper or debris accumulated on the blades.

Choose the Right Oil:


  • Use non-aerosol vegetable oil specifically designed for shredders. Fellowes Shredder Oil is an excellent choice.
  • Avoid petroleum-based lubricants, as they can be a fire hazard.


Apply the Oil:


  • Set the shredder to the OFF position.
  • Apply oil across the paper entry slot using a long-nozzle container (like Fellowes Shredder Oil).
  • Alternatively, use pre-oiled sheets designed for shredders.


Run the Shredder:


  • Press and hold the forward button for 2-3 seconds.
  • This allows the oil to distribute evenly across the blades.
  • Repeat this process each time you empty the waste bin.


Let the Oil Penetrate:


  • After oiling, let the shredder sit for a few minutes.
  • This allows the oil to penetrate the blades completely.


Regular Maintenance:


  • If you use your shredder occasionally, oil it every two months to maintain performance.
  • For heavy usage, oil your cross-cut shredder every time you empty the bin.


A Brief Guide to Our Other Brands


Ideal Shredders


  • Ideal shredder oil or a light machine oil.
  • Apply oil across the paper entry slot or use pre-oiled sheets.
  • Daily for office shredders or if your cross-cut shredder gets a lot of use, you should lubricate it after each bin empty.


JBF Shredders


  • JBF recommends their own shredder oil or a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Apply oil directly onto the cutting blades.
  • For frequent use, lubricate your cross-cut shredder every time you empty the bin.


Kobra Shredders


  • Kobra shredder oil or a vegetable-based oil.
  • Use pre-oiled sheets or apply oil directly onto the blades.
  • Daily for office shredders or oil your cross-cut shredder after every empty bin for intensive use.


New United Shredders


  • Any high-quality shredder oil.
  • Apply oil across the paper feed.
  • Every 30 minutes of use or every time the bin is emptied for intensive use.


Rexel Auto+ Shredders


  • Rexel recommends their own lubricant or a light mineral oil.
  • Use pre-oiled sheets or apply oil directly onto the blades.
  • Daily for office shredders or every time you empty the bin when in frequent use.

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