benefits of using a shredding service

Benefits of using a shredding service


Despite society’s technological improvements, 73 % of businesses with fewer than 500 employees still print four times every day.

Many of these documents contain confidential or sensitive information, such as client account information or office information, and should not be thrown away as is. Although paper shredding may not appear to be the most spectacular solution, the advantages it delivers to individuals and businesses are far too valuable to be disregarded.

These are the advantages of shredding services:


1. Keep your customers safe (And Your Business)


There are numerous instances in the news of businesses that have unintentionally exposed their clients to the risk of identity theft due to poor data management.

Months of headaches and endless funds in damages can be caused by a single page of the paper.

The easiest approach to ensure that documents containing personal or confidential information are never stolen or compromised is to shred them.

At the same time, you’ll safeguard your clients and avoid a negative news cycle for your company.


2. Ensure that laws are followed.


Not just certain professions, such as law and medicine, have a nationally mandated obligation when it comes to the secure disposal of personal information.

A professional paper shredding service ensures that you and your organisation comply with POPIA regulations and that papers are disposed of in a manner that is appropriate for their information and physical makeup (after all, paper records will require different processing and disposal than, say, x-rays or electronic media).


3. Boosting Employee Productivity


Individually shredding documents in-house causes a slew of issues, the most serious of which is a frequent disturbance to your workers’ work schedules.

When journeys to and from the workplace shredder suck up crucial minutes, it’s difficult to stay focused on a task.

Hours a week could be wasted on an unproductive task over time.

Outsourcing the labor allows your firm to focus that time on completing assignments on time.


4. It is cost-effective.


Standard office shredders are expensive to purchase and may require additional repairs.

When you consider the value of staff efforts, the result might be completely inefficient.

Professional shredding services are extremely cost-effective in terms of both money and time, and you’ll get a quick return on your investment because you’ll be able to continue working uninterrupted.


5. Workplace Automation


When we talk about office automation, we don’t just mean the automation that comes from the usage and installation of machines.

Instead, office process automation, management solutions, and employee training can all help a company save money and create a more productive workplace.

The disposal of sensitive papers is only one example of a process that could be automated, allowing personnel to focus on their core responsibilities.


6. Recycling with Integrity


It’s not just beneficial for the environment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, it’s also excellent for business.

According to Forbes, 87 percent of consumers would associate a firm with a positive mental image if it supports social or environmental causes.

A trusted local recycling center sorts and recycles the documents that have gone through the paper shredding process.

A single ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees.


7. Improve Reputation


Using a paper shredding service sends a message to present to potential clients and customers.

The first is that you value their data and the faith they’ve placed in you to keep it safe and that you’re willing to enlist qualified, experienced aid to properly dispose of it.

The second advantage is that you know exactly where that information is at all times while it is in your hands.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the shredding process, which you can use to legally prove that it was destroyed.


8. Increase document security


When you put documents out on the curb for trash collection, you basically lose control over who sees them and where they go.

However, the dangers start well before trash day.

Let’s say you’re giving a tour of the office and one of the guests notices confidential information laying unattended on the desk.

Shredding (and safe storage within a locked office console) ensures that such a scenario never occurs, and that information is only ever obtained by those who have been adequately screened and given the authorisation to use it.


9. Quick and Effective


A typical office shredder can only handle one or two sheets of paper at a time without jamming, and excessive use may necessitate a cool-down period, but professional mobile shredders can 100s of paper sheets in minutes.

Paper shredding is a one-of-a-kind service that benefits everyone concerned.

You may rest easy knowing that your documents — and the information contained within them – have been destroyed beyond repair or retrieval.


10. Trust


Your clients will be able to confidently provide you with the information you need to provide them with your services, and your community will applaud you for using smart and environmentally friendly disposal solutions.

We’re delighted to serve businesses and residents throughout South Africa and we offer scheduled shredding as well as one-time, on-site purge shredding services to help you clean out and start new. We also offer a wide range of shredders for sale and shredder rentals.