The Most Underrated Shredders on the Market


If you manage a business no matter how big or little, you know the value of shredding in protecting your company from identity theft and other forms of fraud. We have listed some of the most underrated shredders on the market.

However, commercial paper shredders come in a wide variety of styles and models, making it hard to pick the right one. Buying a paper shredder is a serious investment, so it’s important to think carefully about why you need one. To name just one, your company could face fines from regulators if it improperly disposes of confidential records and paperwork. A paper shredder is a valuable investment that could have a significant impact on the success of your company. There are a plethora of shredders fighting for your attention, and it’s easy to overlook the underrated ones.

Fellowes Powershred 75Cs Cross-Cut Shredder


This is the place to be if you’re looking for a high-powered shredder that can easily handle your toughest materials.

The Powershred 75Cs has a broad paper entry and can shred up to 12 sheets in one pass at a security level of P-4 by cutting them into 4x38mm cross cut particles. Staples, credit cards, paperclips, and even CDs and DVDs are no match for its shredding power, and the machine even has a special opening to let them through safely. This shredder’s coolest feature is its innovative SafeSense technology.

When SafeSense is activated, the shredder will halt the shredding process if your hands come into contact with the paper slot. Once your hands are no longer within this area, the light will turn on and the shredder will begin working again. This can be used without worry around young children. Now you can go to town on your shredding. The paper can be inserted directly into the paper entry, while CDs and credit cards can be placed into the safety slot.

The pull-out bin on the Powershred 75Cs is 27 litres, and there’s a window on the front so you can see when it’s full. In this area, there is also a bin full light that indicates when the bin has to be emptied. It can only be used for 10–12 minutes at a time before needing a 20-minute cool down. If the shredder is overloaded, the overheat indicator will light up to signal that it has reached its temperature threshold and must cool down. Until the shredder has cooled down, this indicator light will stay on.

Powershred 75Cs is a moderate-use home or office shredder that measures 440mm in height, 346mm in width, and 525mm in depth.


Kobra 240.1 C4 Shredder


Using the Kobra 240.1 C4 Cross-cut Shredder, you can be sure that any unwanted private or sensitive business documents are destroyed permanently. The intelligent 24 hours a day continuous duty operation of this strong shredder allows it to shred up to 15 sheets at a time, every single day.

Up to 15 pages at once can be shredded by this equipment that also features a 40 L capacity pull-out bin that is quite useful. This shredder is capable of nonstop operation, and can cross-cut paper into strips 3.5 mm wide and 30 mm long.

Staples and paperclips have no effect on the heavy duty drive chain, steel gears, or carbon hardened steel cutting knives.It can also be used to destroy film and credit cards.

The automatic start/stop feature makes it convenient to use and the smart automated reverse technology helps avoid accidental jams. After eight seconds of inactivity, Energy Smart will enter its power-saving stand-by mode.


New United M3150c Shredder


This high-security shredder is ideal for usage in private homes and small businesses. Because it has a maximum capacity of 20 sheets, a bin capacity of 51.5 litres, and a security level of 4, it promises immaculate shredding capabilities from a device that is lightweight and economical.

The average retail price makes it one of the most affordable options on the market.


JBF 2835


The JBF 2835 are high-performance, specialised shredders made to reduce and destroy any kind of media. Loading machines using security interlocked hoppers results in an elevated level of safety for the operator. There are limit switches and emergency stop buttons installed on all doors to prevent unlawful access.  Knives made from special steels can be individually swapped out and resharpened.

By adjusting the width, diameter, and shape of the knives in addition to the horsepower of the motors, users have complete control over the throughput of the machine and the particle size of the 2835 shredded material.

The shredders can be customised to meet your needs by incorporating input and output conveyors, tilting/lifting devices, baling presses, and suction systems.


Rexel Auto+ 130X Auto Feed Paper Shredder


Auto Feed shredders can reduce your shredding time by 98%, helping you save both time and money. Up to 130 sheets of 80 gsm or 140 sheets of 70 gsm paper can be shredded in a single pass through the Auto+ 130X, leaving behind P-4 (4x40mm) cross cut pieces. There’s no need to remove staples or paper clips or stand and feed it paper. The 26 litre paper tray and automated document feeder make handling stacks of up to 130 A4 sheets a breeze.

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